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Talbot Sinclair Moore's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Talbot Sinclair Moore

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UPDATE [10 Aug 2003|10:13pm]
Europe is fucking rad! I am having a hellofatime

It sucks having the band I got though I really wish you were here Dru maybe next leg?

The crowds have been out of control and the loving easy!
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[31 Jul 2003|12:29am]
Off to Europe I go and I almost got a little tail that man is like a fucking cock roach!

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tsk tsk [23 Jul 2003|04:49pm]
I have seemed to touch a nerve somewhere.
he is a unique beauty. Shy soft spoken and so unaware of his outstanding beauty and in all this he is really a dirty fetish whore. It is perfect.
Gavin should watch that one so many will want to take him from him and well could.

you have to nurture the whore to keep it satisfied. and well Gavin lets just say I think that Dru is too much spunk to keep faithful.
His lips were so soft. He acted terrifed and shocked and uncomfortable but I know like Gavin he sends out other signs of compliance.

Europe will be long and boring but I have Gavins bed and the Elevator to keep me warm until I return to Eden.
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double edged [17 Jul 2003|11:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Do I go to him? I love him I do I have been cold and sadistic all for his love and affection which he hides from me. I long for him aching to feel his acceptance but I loss at every advancement. Why I have changed my life . I have done all this for him and he still runs hiding from what he knows is real

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tables have turned? [16 Jul 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | loved ]

*swoons* He still loves me. To touch him again to taste him like mead sent from the gods.

I love you my lil mouse

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nothing without you [16 Jul 2003|11:18am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

All my life I have been the leech and waste of space I was the one thing everyone thought of when they looked at the dark and sickening things they wanted to spit on but not you. You watched for me and listened to me put up with so much and always were there for me even when I was not there for you.

You begged me to stay and I left. I was a fool to leave . i came back for you and I find you with another lover. I was to late. You won't ever know the things I did for you and how much you meant to me.

Good bye
I love you
don't cry anymore and if he hurts you I will be there for you I left my contact info in your mailbox

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Come home little mouse before the cats eat you [11 Jul 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I am back In Avalon and I see not much has changed. This city has always had the Twin Peaks vibe .You know all prim and proper on the skin and as filthy as a whores panties deep down on the inside.

But back to things that matter.Seems my little mouse has been playing since I left for my little studio Sabbatical.

Come now Baby, you must be just amusing yourself with the Bayou boy toy, I mean I do hope he can entertain on a carnal level as his wit and intellect left me bored and a bit annoyed. Can you believe I went to his shop today and sat with him for two hours as he did a tattoo for me and had no idea it was me! HA HA HA HA HA HA!
And so submissive not one remark as I wasted my rapier wit on his simple mind. Such a shame.

It is a tragedy really to find my lovely fan boy having to sink to such levels in my absence. My apologies I will not stay away for such lengths again.

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