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Come home little mouse before the cats eat you

I am back In Avalon and I see not much has changed. This city has always had the Twin Peaks vibe .You know all prim and proper on the skin and as filthy as a whores panties deep down on the inside.

But back to things that matter.Seems my little mouse has been playing since I left for my little studio Sabbatical.

Come now Baby, you must be just amusing yourself with the Bayou boy toy, I mean I do hope he can entertain on a carnal level as his wit and intellect left me bored and a bit annoyed. Can you believe I went to his shop today and sat with him for two hours as he did a tattoo for me and had no idea it was me! HA HA HA HA HA HA!
And so submissive not one remark as I wasted my rapier wit on his simple mind. Such a shame.

It is a tragedy really to find my lovely fan boy having to sink to such levels in my absence. My apologies I will not stay away for such lengths again.
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